With our Course Bundles feature you can easily create a bundle of courses, with a special title and description, and offer it at a special price. This makes your courses better manageable, gives a lot of flexibility in promoting your courses and specializations and also makes it easier for your students to buy several courses at once, with just a few clicks!

Of course it is not necessary to add a discounted price to your course bundle. You can offer the bundle at a price that is the sum of its parts, simply for making it easier to your students to buy one package instead of, say five separate courses. But hey, it's up to you and to the business model of your online school. 

To create a new Course Bundle offer just follow the steps:

1Log-in with an administrator account. Go to the admin menu at the left hand side of the screen and click at the "Marketing tools" --> "Manage Bundles" menu option

2Then click on the "Create bundle" button to start creating your new bundle.

3Fill out the title of your bundle then click on the courses drop-down list to select a course you want to include in your bundle.

4When you have selected the course you would like to include in the bundle click the "Add course" button

5When you are done the selected courses will appear in the list. (In this example my bundle includes three courses)

Your lesson is now included in the new bundle. If you would like to insert more courses in your bundle repeat the steps 3-5 for each course.

6Now it's time to set a discount price for your bundle and select "public" to release it. 

7To finish the process just click on the "Save" button.

8Congratulations! Your first bundle just created successfully.

Note: To edit or delete the bundle just click on the corresponding button

9Now your Learners can see the bundle offer:

  •  above the courses in your starting page.

  •  In the bundle page: