The Theme Explorer acts as your school’s command center, allowing you to select and configure your page’s Colors, Typography, Buttons, and Layouts from a single menu.

To navigate to our Theme Explorer:

1Go to “Site Builder” - “Theme Explorer” :

2You can also go to “Site Builder” - “Edit School Site”:

and navigate to “Design” - “Theme Explorer”:

The main tab of Theme Explorer consists of a variety of pre-designed color schemes, fonts, and page layouts.

Choosing any of these presets will instantly apply them to the displayed page, allowing you to sample various combinations of colors and fonts with just a few mouse clicks.

If you don’t like the changes you made, just select “Discard & Exit” and the page will revert back to its original design.

Colors tab: 

Design your own color schemes by selecting the Colors Tab which allows for deeper customization of a school’s brand, background, and text colors. 

You may choose and assign colors from the available palette or provide a HEXA or RGBA code. The displayed text can be toggled between light and dark, making it easy to see what combinations works best.

You can find out more about the Colors tab, in our respective article.

Typography tab:

Use the Typography tab to select and configure your school’s font families and text sizes. You may choose more fonts from LearnWorld’s huge library of available font styles.

Υou can find out more about the Typography tab, in our respective article.

Button & Inputs tab:

This tab allows you to customize your school’s buttons & inputs. 

You can easily adjust the displayed font size, padding, and border-radius.

Or make further changes by clicking “More properties”.

Layout tab:

The last tab allows you to make adjustments to your section layouts.

You may increase or decrease the size of your small, normal, large, and extra-large sections by making changes to their padding.

As you can see, it is easy to customize the appearance of your school in just a few clicks. :)