The "Best Resources" section is an organized library of links/resources that you want to share with your students. Its purpose is to help your students locate the best solutions to the problems and to assist them during the most awkward phase of the learning cycle: the transition from studying to practicing. 

The "Best resources" library uses a catalog structure and a quick navigation component so that your students can easily sort through the library and find the resources they are looking for. Students can always mark a resource as "Favorite" or start a discussion on it. 

Here is how you can organize this library and fill it up with the best resources for your students. First of all you have to log in with an account that has author/administrator rights.

1 At the left admin menu of your screen click "Settings" and then at the "Best Resources" option (or, simply go the "Best Resources" page and then click the magic "Edit" button).

2 Now you are in the "Best Resources" Admin page. To add a New top-level category in which you want to add the link,simply click at the plus ("+") button at the top (next to the "Home" icon).

3 Write the title and the description of your top-level category and click on the "Add" button.

4 Now click on the category you just created and click again the plus ("+") button to add a subcategory.

5 Again, give a title and a description of your subcategory and click the "Add" button.

6 You are almost done. Now browse to the subcategory you just created and click on the plus ("+") button to insert the desired link.

7 On the form that opens you can add the Title, URL and a short description of your resource.

8  Your link was just added to the "Best Resources" library.

Note 1

1) If you would like to edit some of the material you have uploaded on your "Best resources" Just Click the Edit Button.

2) Then edit the Fields you wish and click "Update".

Note 2

1) If you would like to remove an item in the "Best recourses" Just Click the delete icon "x" on the object you wish to delete.

2) Confirm that you are sure and you want to delete it.