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How to Fill up the Best Resources Library

The Best Resources section is an organized library of links/resources that you wish to share with your users. It uses a catalog structure and a quick navigation component so that your users can easily sort through the library and find the resources they are looking for. Users can always mark a resource as "Favorite" or start a discussion on it. 

1. Click on Settings → Learning Apps → Best Resources.

2. To add a new top-level category, within which you will be adding your first link, click on the + (plus) icon. You can also add a new category, by clicking on Add Category

3. Write the title and the description of your top-level category and click on Add.

4. Click on the category you created and click the plus icon to add a subcategory.

5. Provide a title and description for your subcategory and click on Add.

6. Browse to the subcategory you just created and click on the plus icon to insert the desired link.

7. Add the title, URL, and a short description of your resource. 

If you wish to see the fetched images and get a Preview of the resources you have added just click on the top Preview button. Those images are automatically fetched from the respective external link's metadata information. If you would like to edit any of the existing content, click on the Edit (pencil icon).

How to customize your Best Resources page

Ιn case the links you are using in the Best Resources do not include a custom metadata image, and you would like to hide the default pictures, all you need to do is add in the Custom Code <style> (CSS) for built-in pages (i.e social, profile, workpad, my account) the following snippet:

.slug-workpad .basic-card-image {
display: none;

Additionally, you may want to hide the Twitter icon, in that case just add the following snippet:

.slug-workpad .basic-card-action-but-wrapper .tweet-action {
display: none;

Or you may want to hide the red ribbons on the corners:

.slug-workpad .ribbon-corner-right{ 
display: none;
} .slug-wordpad .ribbon-corner-left{ display: none; }

Or you would like to hide the whole cards:

#wpWrapper {display: none;}


  • When you perform a search via the search bar, it returns results from the Best Resources as well as results from the Daily News app.
  • To change the order of the resources, you can add numbers [ i.e. 1) or 1.) ] at the beginning of the title of each category.

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