1 Login το your LearnWorld site with administration rights and click the magic wand "Manage your LearnWorld" button at the top of the page.

2 Go to the Admin Menu at the left of your screen and click at the "Users" --> "All learners" button.

3 Now you will see a list of all members in your LearnWorld. Click on the “Import users” button at the top.

4 Browse your computer and find the excel file which has the users you want to import and click open.

5 Your Excel file must look like this!

6 After the import finishes, the new users will be available in the platform but they are not yet active. The moment they are imported, they receive an email with an activation link. When they click on this link they are directed to the platform and are asked to set up a password. The next time they visit the platform they will be able to login by using their email and password.

Note: In case you wish to resend the registration/activation mail to the imported users, then use the "Learners" filter and choose "Never logged in". That way a new button will be appeared. By clicking on  "Re-send activation" button the new users will receive once more the activation email.