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How to Change the Course's Public URL (Slug)

Creating, promoting, and selling courses on LearnWorlds is a straightforward process. Whenever you create a course, it automatically generates a unique Course Layout page with a publicly accessible slug/URL, allowing you to easily share it with your audience.

The public URL of your course can be accessed by visitors to view the course description page, even without logging in to see what your course offers in the market, what skills your user will gain after purchasing it, and demonstrate your course's contents. We totally understand that when creating courses, changes are on the table; hence, you might want to change your course's initial URL/slug. In this article, you can check how to make those changes to your courses

When you need to change the course's slug, you need to,

1. Go to the Course manager

2. Choose the course you wish to customize.

3. Navigate to the Access course tab.

4. Edit the Public URL and click on Save

5. A popup will appear for confirmation. Click on Change URL, and after the confirmation, users will see the new course URL.

- Changing a course's public URL means that the previous course URL will redirect to an error page.
- The original Course ID will remain the same even if you change the Public course URL. So if your initial course URL was [myschool] and the new public course URL is [myschool] the course's ID remains how-to-create-a-course-in-5-days. 

In your course's Access tab, besides the Public URL, you can also find the Course ID and Mobile ID.

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