In this article, we'll go through the customization options of your school's Buttons and Inputs.

1. Go to Site Builder → Theme Explorer.

2. Go to the Buttons & Inputs tab.

You can find the customization fields for Large, Normal, and Small Buttons, as well as Large, Normal, and Small Inputs

3. For each element you can adjust More Properties such as:

  • Font's Family, Size Weight
  • Letter Spacing
  • Text Transform
  • Border Radius
  • Padding

4. After you finish your changes click on Apply and then Save.

At any point, you can restore your changes to the default values by clicking on Reset buttons & inputs.

Button widgets

In the side form under Buttons, you can change the color of the button, which is linked with the settings of your Theme Explorer.

The Type and Size fields, are linked to the settings you had previously set up on the Theme Explorer.

You can find more information on the Buttons widgets, in our respective article.