Editing your School Info could not be easier! 

This is useful for your users to be able to easily detect your contact information and social media accounts, to reach out to you easily, and share their thoughts and questions. 

Let's see.

Go to "Settings" - "School Settings" - "School info":

Under this tab, you can fill in different information about your school, such as the School Name, the company name, and a description. 

This is where you also select the time zone of your school, which will determine the unlocking of your courses' sections, in case you use drip-feed

You can also set a contact email, support email, a sales email address, a phone number, and even a Skype account. 

Finally, you can fill in your Company's address and your social account details. 

 These will show up on your users' Account pages.

That's it! :-)