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How to Add Transcript in your Video

LearnWorlds offers an Interactive Video Editor with advanced functionalities and a handy sidebar menu that allows you to add elements in your videos, such as transcript in a few easy steps. 

The transcript (available in the Learning Center plan or higher) is nothing other than your video automatically translated into written text. This should first be proofread (since the whole process is automated by the system, proofreading will help to improve the syntax and grammar of the text). Learners can read the text alongside the video. Clicking on any word on the transcript, they will automatically be taken at the point of the video where this was mentioned.

1. Select a course and navigate to its Contents

2. Hover over the respective video learning activity and click on Edit video.

3. Click on Interactive Transcript in the sidebar.

4. Click on Autogenerate, select the language of the video and hit Transcribe. The process may take a few minutes.

5. Once the transcript is generated, you can proof-read it and edit it with the help of the main toolbar. As soon as it's ready, turn it to Public.

6. You can also download the transcript, reset it, clear the formatting or choose to generate it from the subtitles.

In the course player, users will be able to completely turn it off, choose it to fit the window, or watch the full transcript text. Moreover, they can download the text file, change its size, and set the auto-scroll preferences.


  • In order to implement the full-screen functionality in the interactive video player (which supports interactive elements and subtitles), navigate to our respective article.
  • You can find out more about the Video Transcription services here.

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Check more information about how to upload, setup and manage your videos here.

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