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How to Login to your LearnWorlds Account as an Admin

If you're new to LearnWorlds and require assistance logging into your created account, follow the guide below for methods to access your account.

1. Login from our LearnWorlds website.

- Only the LearnWorlds admin can log in from the LearnWorlds website.
- The login form is case-sensitive (if you add an upper-case, the form will produce an error).

You will be redirected to the LearnWorlds schools Dashboard, where you can see your created school/schools. Click on Go to School on the desired LearnWorlds school to access it.

2. Login using your school's sign-in form, which also applies to all of your users, instructors, admins, or affiliates, by navigating to your school URL.

How to Update/Alter the LearnWorlds Admin Account

To make any changes to the LearnWorlds admin account, you need to be logged into your online school with the LearnWorlds admin credentials

  • If you wish to update the LearnWorlds Admin Account via the LearnWorlds school, locate the LearnWorlds admin account under the All users page (the admin with the LearnWorlds logo), hover over the three dots on the left of the user profile, and click on Edit user. Change the email address (make sure it is not used by anyone else in the school) and save your changes.
  • If you wish to update the admin email via the LearnWorlds Schools Dashboard, hover over the three dots and click on Manage Schools. Once you are redirected to the LearnWorlds Schools Dashboard, hover over the three dots again and click on Account information to alter the email and even update the password. 

How to Reset the LearnWorlds Admin Password

Το request a password request, the LearnWorlds admin will need to navigate to and click on Forgot your Password?, add the LearnWorlds admin email, and request a password reset link. 

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