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General Overview: Forms

Forms (marketing or course forms) are a built-in and intuitive way to collect information from your users. You can build a form with various question types, access and review the responses via your school, and capture leads. 

With this tool, you can create a striking visual experience for your users by adding question entrance effects using your school's colors and buttons. You can find out more on how to design and customize your forms in our respective article.

Marketing Forms

This type of form can be hosted on a standalone page and shared with a form-specific URL, added to your school's pages and popups, and you can capture new leads by adding an email question type.

You can find out more about creating Marketing Forms in our respective article.

Course Forms

Course forms are bound to a learning activity within any of your courses. To access these forms, users must be enrolled in the relevant course. 

You can find out more on how to create a Course Form here

Embed Forms on your school's pages

You can add your created Marketing forms to your LearnWorlds school's pages with the Forms widget/ section. You can configure the form that you want to display, decide if you want to show the starting screen, and customize the after-submission settings locally and its entrance animation.

You can also include email grabbers or contact forms that can help you gather leads or communicate faster with visitors to your school.

You can find out more on how to add forms on your school's pages in our respective article.

Contact Forms

Contact forms serve as a means for users or visitors to reach out to you with questions, feedback, or other inquiries. These forms are often embedded within the course website or landing pages, providing a convenient way for visitors to communicate without having to leave the site.

Email grabber

This tool/widget is designed to gather email addresses from users or visitors, serving as a valuable means to construct a subscriber roster and interact with users. Users simply input their email addresses, enabling you to utilize this information to reach out to them through mediums like newsletters. These contacts can be instrumental for targeted purposes such as marketing, communication, or expanding your subscriber base.

Net Promoter Score ® (NPS®) Forms

Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) can be used to measure customer experience and predict business growth. It aims to assist school owners in gaining insight from their school’s users. You can read more about NPS® here.

Qualification Form

The Qualification Form is a great tool to gather information right after users sign up (create an account) and before they enter your LearnWorlds school for the purpose of e.g., obtaining prequalification information and getting to know your audience and their needs better.

You can gather valuable insight on new customers and use this data in neat spreadsheets, helping you prioritize effectively and personalize your approach.

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