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How can your Affiliates Access their Affiliate Dashboard in your School

When an affiliate registers for your program, they are able to access their Affiliate Dashboard by logging in with their Affiliate credentials. In the Affiliate's Dashboard, your affiliates will be able to:

  • See the emails of the customers and the leads they have brought (if you allow them to).
  • Get their unique affiliate links.
  • Spot the commissions they have earned.
  • See the payments they received and when.
  • Set their payment method.

Affiliate Links

From the Affiliate link tab, affiliates get the necessary links for their sites. 

  • Your affiliate link: Affiliates can copy the default affiliate link for your school’s home/landing page. This affiliate link contains a unique affiliate ID and enables the recording of traffic that is sent to the school by the affiliate.
  • Create affiliate link with coupon: Affiliates can automatically apply a coupon to the affiliate link.
    Note: You must provide them with the coupon code.
  • Generate affiliate link to a specific page: From this option, affiliates can enter a URL and generate a link to any of the school’s pages. 
  • Get affiliate link to the product: Affiliates can generate affiliate links to specific product pages.


From the Commissions tab, affiliates can see their commissions and details about their sales. 

They can see:

  • The product they sold.
  • The customer who bought the product.
  • The sale.
  • The commission rate you have promised them.
  • The amount of money they deserve.
  • The date of the purchase.
  • The status of their commission (new, payable, due, or paid).

They can also export a file with all detailed information about their commissions. Finally, your affiliates will be able to see the final payouts you make, and also export that data to a CSV or XLS file. 


In the Payouts section, affiliates can see the total amount they have been paid, the payment method and details, and the day they were paid. 

All the data mentioned are exportable.


On the Leads page, affiliates can see people who have registered to your pages and have become leads. They can also export leads.


On the Customers page, affiliates can view all the customers they have brought to you so far. They can also export customers. 

Affiliates can access all that information described above from their Dashboard. From there they can get a quick overview of the program. Υou can choose not to show the customers or the leads to your affiliates, and you can choose if you want to show the paid, the approved, or the total commissions, under Marketing → Affiliate Management → Setup

For more information about the Affiliate Program, you can check out our relevant article.

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