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How to Educate your Team about LearnWorlds

This article serves as an introductory guide for your team to LearnWorlds. It provides valuable insights into the key features and tools available within your school's plan, aiming to streamline their journey and make it more efficient and less time-consuming.

User roles and Permissions

Before continuing to the most technical aspects of LearnWorlds, it is helpful to understand the different User Roles. There are four Roles Levels to structure your team’s hierarchy: 

Admin RolesInstructor RolesReporter Roles Manager Roles 
Admin, Developer, Website Designer, Mobile Manager, Marketer, Customer Support, Financial Manager, Affiliate Manager, Community ManagerCourse Creator, Instructor,
Assistant Instructor
Segment Reporter,
Segment Manager

User Group Manager, Seat Manager, Community Space manager

Here are the distinctions among the features associated with user roles, as well as the creation and assignment of these roles per plan:

Pro Trainer
Learning Center
High Volume
Create Custom Roles
Assign Predefined Roles
1 Admin
5 Admins/Instructors
25 Admins /Instructors/ Reporters
User Group Managers/
Seat Managers

At least one admin account exists in LearnWorlds' schools. Instructors, Reporters, or Seat Managers are optional and available based on the LearnWorlds plan.

User role level (Learner)

Admin role level → Admins have full access to all or some areas of the platform.

Instructorrole level → Instructors have access to specific platform areas but limit the displayed data only to those related to the selected courses.

Reporter role level → Reporters have access to specific platform areas but limit the displayed data only to those related to the selected reporting segments.

Manager role level → Managers have access to specific areas of the platform but limit the displayed data only to those related to the user group or seat management system.

Only the Learnworlds admin account can log in to the LearnWorlds school from the account page; all the other user roles can log in from the sign-in form of your school.

With Multiple Schools, we offer an additional layer of access for admins in an organization:

Organization owner: The admin who creates the first school of the organization (a cluster of schools).

  • Creates/Clones/Deletes Schools 
  • Creates Super Admins (with specific permissions)

Super admin: A user created by the organization owner with specific permissions within the organization and at least one assigned school. A Super Admin is simultaneously the LearnWorlds Admin of the individual schools that are assigned to, meaning they have full authoring access to their assigned schools.

  • Sees their assigned schools in the Multiple Schools Dashboard.
  • Creates/Clones/Deletes schools (if they have the specific permissions)

You can find out more about the differences between Organization owners and Super admins in this article

Create the Website - Website Builder

You can confidently create a successful and beautiful website easily, with no coding or designing skills necessary, to skyrocket your business!

This article provides additional details to help your team learn about creating, editing, and managing your pages effectively.

Create Courses

Your courses are the heart of your school and play an important role in the success of your online business. Your team may need to know how to create and edit courses and course content.

1. You can create a course from the Course Manager page on your left. You can find out more information in this article.

2. Courses can have different statuses based on your needs; they can be set as Paid, Draft, Coming Soon, Free, or Private. This article provides more information about the different types of courses for your school.

3. After the course is created, fill it in with your content. Your courses can be separated into sections that include your activities. You can use many different types of activities, such as Videos, E-books, PDFs, Assessments, SCORMs, etc.

The LearnWorlds Dashboard gives an overview of the school and helps you and your team run your business. It allows you to be instantly on top of your sales, registrations, and user activity. See in real-time who is logged in and engage with your users.


An important part of your school is your Reports since they can help you monitor your school. Your team may be able to export reports, depending on their user role/permissions. Here are the different reports available:

User Analytics 

You can create your school's reports, check your user's progress, create user segments, monitor course insights, schedule reports, and check the Reports log.


Gradebook, Certifications, Review Center

Sales ReportsOrders, Product revenues, Instructor revenues, Canceled Sales.

Activity logs

Events → You can monitor what is happening within your school and search for specific activities. 

Emails → You can locate all the emails that have been sent from your school.

Users action→ You can find a record of your Bulk actions log


Following the launch, your team might encounter the need to troubleshoot users' problems, so an invaluable capability is the ability to "Log in as this user" (available in the Learning Center plan or higher). In this article, you can delve into the details of how to access a user's account and address issues effectively. 


  • Make sure users are aware of this action and that you have their consent.
  • You can also create a test user to identify any issues from your perspective.

Check out the LearnWorlds Blog with Marketing, Sales, and Content Creation ideas and navigate to our Knowledge Base Center with over 600 articles on the LearnWorlds platform. You can also check out our LearnWorlds Academy with video tutorials on the features offered in LearnWorlds and register for one of our daily webinars!

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