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Course Insights - Course Users

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In the Course Insights & the Course Users tab, you are able to view an in-depth analytics list for your users' engagement with the course, their Course Completion Date, Units Completed, Certificate Date, and Score, their Time on Video, Course, or Platform as well as their Average Course Score.

1. Navigate to Reports Center → Course Insights or to the course insight tab inside any course of your choice.

2. Select All courses.

3. Select any course from the list.

4. Select the Course Users tab.

To make your search more specialized click on +Add filter to find all the available filters. The filters can be categorized into 4 areas. 

a. User: You can find any filter related to user activities, actions, or data.

b. Course: You can find any filter related to the users’ interaction with a course.

c. Social: You can find any filter related to the social activities of your users.

d. UTM (Urchin Tracking Module): You can find any filters related to UTM (Urchin Tracking Module).

You can combine any filter to expand your search. To do so, click on the +Add filter. You can even have a more complex search by adding an “Or” condition by clicking on the Or button. You can always remove the filters to reset your list by clicking on Remove Filters.

After you have completed your filtering and you found the users that fit the criteria you were looking for, you can export a .ZIP file with the detailed progress of these users.

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