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How to Manage and Track the Use of Coupons - Promotions page

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Create and share coupon codes to increase your sales. Offer discounts to your courses by % or $ amount, set expiry dates, and track the use of coupons.

Go to Marketing → Promotions (Coupons) under Marketing tools. Each promotion can have one or several coupons and it is applied to paid courses (Free courses cannot be assigned to a promotion). Each coupon has a code and it is valid for a certain amount of time. 

To create a Coupon, follow the steps in our respective article, or click on Create course/bundle promotion

For each promotion, you can see the following:

1. Name: The name of the Promotion.
2. Coupons: The name of the Coupon code.

Note: If you have created Bulk coupons, you can download an excel file with a list of the coupon codes and see whether the coupons were used.

3. Used/Quantity: The number of used coupons, the expiry date, and the number of created coupons (max).
4. Discount: The discount amount or percentage.
5. Applied to: The courses the coupons are applied to.
6. Actions: Edit or Delete the coupon, under the Actions tab.
7. Export the coupon data in a CSV or XLS format.

Users have to apply the coupon code in the payment form when they are ready to purchase a product. The codes are case-sensitive which means that they will have to paste the exact coupon code.

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