LearnWorlds offers an Interactive Video editor with advanced functionalities and a handy sidebar menu that allows you to easily add in your videos, elements as text & images!

Thumbnails pictures enhance your overall video presentation. Take control of your videos and decide the best way to present them by choosing the thumbnail image from the first frame,  the current frame, or upload one from your device.

Let's go through the procedure!

First, select a course and navigate to its contents. Find the video you'd like to modify and click on the “Edit video” button next to the title.

You will be then redirected to the iVideo’s Authoring mode where you can make magic, by using the sidebar menu!

The fifth sidebar icon opens an options menu for various ways to choose a thumbnail image label.

You may use a picture from the very first frame of the video or click anywhere on the video and use that frame. Finally, you may also upload a picture of your own.

Finally, simply click “Save” and your new thumbnail is ready!