LearnWorlds offers an Interactive Video editor with advanced functionalities and a handy sidebar menu that allows you to easily add in your videos, elements as text & images!

Buttons and questions in a tutorial video increase the learner's engagement and strengthen the points you'd like to emphasize. The same applies to embedded objects within videos:) They are an effective way to enrich your video content and attract even more attention. Finally, offers, are a great way to promote your upcoming discounts.

Let's go through the procedure!

First, select a course and navigate to its contents. Find the video you'd like to modify and click on the “Edit video” button next to the title.

You will be then redirected to the iVideo’s Authoring mode where you can make magic, by using the sidebar menu!

1 Add Interaction

The third sidebar icon opens an options menu for various interactions. With this tool, you may add buttons, post offers, ask video-related questions, or simply add Embeddable code. Choose a template and start creating your interactions            

  • Buttons

Add buttons to your videos to open a specific link, show a certain message, or even take the learner to a set point of the video.

  • Offers

Increase your sales by prompting your users into purchasing through an offer or a discount you might have running.

  • Questions

Add questions related to the content in order to trigger the viewer's attention and focus on the activity.

  • Embed

With LearnWorlds, all the awesome content you have already published online can also embed in your own video. All you need to do is paste your embeddable code in the respective field.

Once you add any of the above Interaction templates, a setting window will appear allowing you to edit the Start/End Time.

Customize the element's appearance.

Define its behavior.

Also, why not add an intro animation.

2 Add a Table of contents

The fourth sidebar icon is an amazing way to present your learners with the video’s structure and layout as well as introducing them to the subjects discussed.


 Find the point where you want each chapter to begin and click on the “+” icon right under it, on the video’s timeline. You can edit the heading from the menu on the right and type the name of the chapter, assign an icon to it, alter its time period and even delete it. Follow the same steps to add more, or simply click on “Add heading in Current Frame”


Finally, there is a variety of Contents settings to choose from, decide on your own and click “Save”.

According to your settings, your video will look like this. Once the user clicks on the book icon the Table of contents will appear. Then, just by clicking on a chapter, they will be taken to the point of the video where it is to: 

There is no reason to wait:) 

Make your videos professional and stand out from the crowd that offers plain tutorials without emphasized points.