Your school is ready for launch and you are about to make the huge step and go public. :)

In the following article, we include “expert” advises so to ensure that everything is correctly set up and eliminate any concerns prior to your launch

1Navigate to "Financial" -> "Payment Gateway" and ensure that you have set up a payment gateway in order to accept payments for your online courses.

You may find more information on our available payment gateways, in this article.

2Make sure that your ready courses have the appropriate access status (not Draft) because draft sections are not visible

and also that the ready sections of each course have also been changed from "Draft"

The following articles can assist you in setting the correct access type in courses and sections:

What you can do in a course's Access tab

Using Sections to organize your course content

3You may check the Access, Settings and Course Player tabs to confirm that you have configured your preferred settings (e.g. drip feed, course expiration, course’s SEO, course player settings)

The following articles contain more details on the configuration settings you may set and fulfill your educational needs.

Drip Feed

Set an expiration date for your Course

Configure a Course's SEO

How to customize the appearance of your course player

How to customize learner navigation-When are learning units considered completed?

4Make sure that all your pages (Landing, After login, Topbar, Footer) are finalized and ready to be published.

Also remember to delete any countdown template that was set prior to your launch. You can find more information here

5Go through the course player and make sure that all your learning activities are playing as they should.

6Kindly navigate to "Settings" -> "Sign up/Login" and ensure that you DO NOT have enabled the

"Login is disabled. Only admins can login. Νο one can sign up." 


"No one can sign up. I will add my users manually."  (unless you indeed want to add all your users manually).

7Navigate to "Settings" -> "Navigation" and make sure you have selected the option "Un-enrolled users can navigate through your school's pages, apps and free course contents." in case you have free courses in your school (otherwise your users will not be able to register).

Have we forgotten anything?

Yes! To wish you the best of luck and many many sales:)