School visitors view your Landing page, get interested in your content but for some reason hesitate to become registered members of your academic community.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a freebie and catch their attention?

Yes? Let’s see the procedure we suggest for visitors that are not enrolled in your school.

We should note here, that you can also attract new enrollments from the already registered users  by offering free courses or maybe free sections of paid courses so to showcase your content.

You may learn more on the free courses marketing strategy by clicking here.   

To attract visitors, we  suggest adding a Get Email template on your Landing or other preferred page and tempt them to enter their email address so to directly download free material with useful information like a pdf, a video or any other file you wish.

First you need to navigate to the page you wish to add the lead magnet (e.g. your landing page) and select your preferred template from the “+”  icon

and further modify its appearance, according to your preferences. 

You can find more information on editing templates, by clicking here:)

Now it's the time to create the “magnet”. 

You may edit the title, button and checkbox text fields, make them attractive to visitors so to rush in typing in their email address and get a free glimpse of your content.

By clicking on the empty email field, you can also create a tag 

with a title indicating the page of the Get Email template, so for example you might want to offer a “Lead Magnet” in your Landing page, a “Study Companion” in your Course Catalogue page or a “Newsletter” in you Contact page.

By using tags you’ll easily filter later the contacts that have submitted their details, from the Marketing Tools-Leads from Pages menu of your admin panel.

Now you may modify the “Thank you” text field and create a link for the free content you’ll offer:)

The “freebie” can be linked  in the “thank you” text, with the Links Manager, as a Google Drive, DropBox or WeTransfer file.

You may find more information on our Links Manager options, in this article.

Yeap! Now you are ready to gather leads with a freebie as magnet:)

You can learn more on how to utilize the gathered leads, by checking this article:)