Let’s be real. Your material is never safe online. 

A user can save a page, can get screenshots of your content, can convert a page to PDF, can even capture your entire videos with a screen-recorder or even using a hand-held camera. From the moment something appears on a computer screen, one can get a copy of it. Here at LearnWorlds, we use domain restricted access to the video which makes the life of potential copiers a little bit more difficult. 

Also, with our new interactive video player, we offer you something extra: the ability to add your logo, the viewer’s email or even a viewer unique ID as a watermark onto your video

Let’s see how. 

Visit the Video Settings of your school (Settings → Video) and choose the new LearnWorlds interactive video player as your video player. Apart from letting you use our copyright protection tools, our interactive video player comes with many editing features, like adding images, boxes or even questions on your video. You can find more about the LearnWorlds interactive video player here: Create Interactive Videos with LearnWorlds

Don’t forget to click “Save”!

Now that you have switched to the interactive video player, let’s talk about the Copyright Protection tools we offer for your videos. 

Navigate to "Settings" and then "Copyright Protection".

Under "Watermark settings" you get the following options:

1 Display school logo

With this option on, your school logo will be displayed on each video. This way, even if your video is illegally distributed, it will be visible that it belongs to you. It will look like this:

2 Display user email 

This option displays the email of the user/student who watches the video. This means that if you ever find your video uploaded somewhere online without your permission, you will be able to trace back to the email of the user who leaked it. It will look like this (the email is blurred in the screenshot for privacy reasons):


3 Display user id (unique identifier)

Similar to the user email idea, this option adds a unique ID on your video, depending on the user who watches it. It will look like this: 

Although these settings are quite useful, we have seen many times online the logo on a video we watch just covered with a black area, hiding its original creator.  

We got you covered on that end as well! 

You can specify the position of the watermark or let it move randomly during the video.

Let’s see what it will be like:

It is up to you which one or how many of these you will use. For example if you choose all three, the result will look like this: