What is SCORM?

A Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a set of technical criteria for eLearning software products. It is a zip file that contains a single course activity or a whole course packaged in a standardized format. SCORM files are created based on specific standards, which makes them work across different Learning Management Systems. It is a great feature because content, once created, can be used in many different systems and situations without modification. 

What does a SCORM course look like?

It depends on the content. Most SCORM courses follow a similar structure. A SCORM course is like a PowerPoint presentation with an extra layer of interactivity. 

Also, when a SCORM course is being taken, there are many pieces of data being monitored, like where a learner left off, the lesson status (passed, failed, completed, incomplete), the time spent, the learners' score & individual answers to assignment questions, etc. 

Should I use SCORMs?

Choose whether or not to use SCORM is a balance between the benefits of its usage versus the time and money spent implementing it. Your decision will also depend on the type of training you want to deliver. If you’re a professional training company, investing in the development of SCORM-based courses using SCORM is worth it. Use SCORMs if you want to provide engaging, interactive experiences for your learners, greater control of the time spent on your courses, and more options to combine different learning units.

What are HTML5 Multimedia Packages?

HTML5 packages are essentially interactive websites loading inside a cloud LMS like LearnWorlds. The difference with previous iterations is the native support of interactive elements and video playback, making it suitable for e-learning.

How to upload HTML5 Multimedia and SCORM files 

1 Navigate to the desired course and select Contents.

2 Click on Add an activity and select SCORM/HTML5 Package.

3 Type the tittle and hit Save.

4 Click on SettingsAdd Scorm and wait to fully load (uploading might take a few seconds).

5 Set up the additional settings in the sideform (note 2) and hit Save.


  • Each SCORM file can be up to 350 MB.
  • Once your SCORM file has been uploaded, two more options will appear in the sideform: Use SCORM completion rules and Student time on activity.

aUse SCORM completion rules allow you to track if this learning unit is completed, based on the rules you have included in the SCORM file. In order for this functionality to work properly, make sure that your package includes all the related rules.

bStudent time on activity allows you to track the total time your users spent in your SCORM learning activity. In order for this functionality to work properly, make sure all the needed settings are configured in your SCORM file.

  • Μake sure tο provide a valid SCORM. Valid file types for our platform are:
  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004 3rd Edition
  • Captivate CAM 1.3 zip package
  • HTML5
  • Make sure that the manifest file is included in the .zip file. This manifest file contains XML that describes the structure of a course both from a learner’s perspective and from a physical file system perspective and is required for the SCORM to be valid. Be sure to test the learning activity and see how it works before releasing it. Press on the Preview course player on top of your screen to preview the course and its SCORM learning units.

  • Ιf you need to capture and report learners' performance into your school, it is not recommended to publish a SCORM in LearnWorlds because SCORM results won't be tracked by our system (persist). Instead, you can use LW built-in quizzes, exams, and other learning units.
  • Kindly know that SCORMs may stop playing if you are using a custom domain due to a change in the browser's settings. In order to make SCORM learning activities accessible, follow the steps in this article.