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How Users can Change their Password

Administrative, Instructional, and User roles can alter their password via the:

Login/Sign-up form

1. Any user can reset their password by clicking on Forgot your password found on the Login form.

2A new form will pop up, where the users will have to add their email, in order to receive the reset password link.

3In the received email there will be a link to the reset password form. This email notification can be edited by navigating to Settings  Notification emails  Registration emails. After clicking on the link the user will be redirected to the new password form and after adding the new password, they will be automatically logged in to the school.


  • The Password link received in the Notification email is valid for 24 hours. 
  • If the admin initiates a "Reset password" email from the User Management page, the link is again valid for 24 hours.
  • Make sure that you are following the password rules (if uppercase, lowercase, special characters or one number is needed)

User Management Page

Admins can update their own, instructors', and users' passwords, by navigating to the Users page and clicking on the Update Password option under Manage. If password rules have been enabled, the criteria must be met. You can also forcefully log-out the user.

If they choose the Reset Password option, the user/instructor/admin will receive the password reset email notification in order to reset their password.

Note: The LearnWorlds admins will need to Reset their Password, via the Login Form, or via the Account page ( to be able to change their password. Otherwise, they can update it through the My Account page under the multiple schools dashboard.

Profile Page

All users, apart from LearnWorld's admins, are able to change their password through their Profile page, by clicking on Edit → Change password.

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