You run an “e-school”, your students are “e-learners”, are they able to keep “e-notes”?

Yeap! LearnWorlds introduces "My Notebook" in the Workpad/Best Resources. A multi-purpose tool that will assist your students’ learning by keeping notes, highlight text and share content from your Ebooks.

Ebook is a very powerful tutoring tool and is preferred by the majority of learners as the most attractive format for contents with text.

Within LearnWorlds’ Ebooks, learners have the chance to highlight the text, make notes, add stars or comment in social media for a particular part of the text.

If you wish to learn more about Ebook Authoring click here.

If a learner is studying an Ebook and marks on a text field, the Ebook panel will appear.

Let’s take a closer look!

Top three buttons of Ebook panel, can be used to highlight text in yellow, red or blue.

Highlighting can be undone simply by marking the highlighted text and “Remove mark”

Users can add notes on Ebook’s text, by clicking on the small notepad of the pop-up panel.

If a note is no longer useful, it can be removed by clicking on the yellow highlighted text ->  Remove Mark

and also by right-clicking on the small notepad and Remove Note

Important parts of your Ebook can be also marked with stars.

Stars can be deleted from the Ebook, by right-clicking on each of them and un-highlight the text, next to stars, with “Remove Mark”.

By clicking on the next icon, learners can clear all markups and notes of the chapter!

What if a part of your Ebook is so important that opens discussion topics? Can it be commented? Shared with other students?
Yes, when this part is selected it can be directly shared with your school’s community, by clicking the blue “social” icon at the last row of Ebook panel.

Of course, learner can comment or edit the selected text before sharing.

With the Ebook panel, learners can use a highlighting marker.

With this tool learners highlight text without “multiple clicks” for workpad panel and highlighting color selection. It can be very handy for marking individual words!

And if learners do not want the menu popping up in each text selection/marking of the text? They will just disable it with the last button of workpad panel. 

It can be re-enabled by refreshing the page:)

Now let’s see the true benefit of the Ebook menu. How can learners utilize highlights and notes to restudy all the important parts of Ebooks? By accessing the Best Resources section of your school!

This section is an organized library of links and resources, you can publish to share with your school community. Its purpose is to help your students locate the best solutions to problems and assist them during the transition from studying to practicing.

Best Resources section may include a link to your blog or company website, links to e-shops you may suggest, major online magazines, distinguished blogs and forums, tutorial videos with relative or supplementary topics to your school’s industry or even bios and contact from professionals you collaborate with.

You can find out more by reading the support article for Best Resources library.

Under Best Resources and My Notebook submenu,

learners can locate the notes kept during their Ebook study

and highlights with the respective link to the Ebook.

“E-notes” with "My Notebook" rock, right?

Note: the Notebook tool might appear differently on mobile devices, depending on their OS and version.