What is a Thank You Page?

A thank-you page is the page your learners will see immediately after purchasing one of your products.

The thank-you page is the final stage in your conversion process through which you have the chance to set the game one step further:

- Thank the subscriber for enrolling.

- Make the requested product easily accessible

- Provide instructions on what happens next.

- Direct learners to other parts in and out of your school.

- Upsell by providing explicit course discount offers with coupons.


How to set up your Thank You Page in LearnWorlds.

You can assign a Thank you page to any product (course/bundle/subscription) you wish.

1 Let's see an example with a course. Navigate to the given course and select its "Access" tab. There you will be able to see a category named "After Purchase Navigation" from which you can assign the Thank you page.

2 If you want to have the same After Purchase Navigation for all your courses, you can select the "Apply to all Courses" button like shown below. 

You can find this option while customizing your Bundles and Subscriptions as well.

RememberTo make sure no changes you make get discarded,  always save your customizations by clicking on the relevant "Save" button.

Customizing your Thank You Page and Up-selling.

1 From your admin menu navigate to All Pages → "Thank you" under the Built-in pages category.

2 Once in the authoring mode of this page, you will find a default  "Thank you" template, under which you can add your product zones...


..or if you wish to further customize the page, open the templates library from the right side menu and add one of the available Thank you - Specific zones.

3 You can further edit the "Thank you" message, of the first template which can be further customized or connected with links like any other template.

Through links manager, now you can decide to where your students will be redirected after the purchase in case they prefer to click the "Start Learning" button.

Note: The variables "Username" and "product name" will be automatically replaced with actual values on every course/product purchase.

Furthermore, the LearnWorlds Assistant will remind you that you can also supplement your Thank you page with a single or multiple courses upsell, simply by clicking on the relevant button.

4 Let's see one example for each of the two cases:

  • Single Product Upsell

- Once you have added the single product upsell template (either from the templates library or the LearnWorlds Assistant), you can click on "Edit Products" to further customize it.

- In the Products Manager, select the desired product and apply a coupon if you like to make the offer even more appealing to your learners!

- Choose the coupon you want to attach to this offer from the drop-down menu and click OK to see your changes.

Well done! You did it.

The red banner above the template informs you that you have added a coupon discount to the assigned course below.

You can see the discount applied due to the coupon as well as the original price of the course, in the blue circle.

  • Multiple Courses Upsell

- Once you have added the multiple courses upsell template (either from the templates library or the LearnWorlds Assistant), you can click on "Edit courses" to further customize it.

- In the Products Manager, just like before, you can select the desired products and apply a coupon if you like.

Note: You can also choose to show only the unenrolled courses there so your learners will have a good chance to find something they like but have not yet gotten to purchase.

Note: You can select to redirect the user directly to the Course Checkout page if you like, instead of the course overview page.

- Apply your changes by clicking OK and take a look at your new multiple courses upsell template.

Notice how the "XXX" and "XX% OFF" variables automatically changed once you set the assigned courses and coupon discount.

Pretty neat right?

Express your gratitude to your course learners and followers with explicit discounted offers with the new Thank you page found in LearnWorlds Schools under the Pro Trainer and Learning Center pricing plans. Moreover, with school's under the Learning Center Pricing plan, authors can create multiple Thank you pages to use for each product and case.

Check how easy it is to create a Thank you page, in the following instructive support video. :)