The Learners page allows you see and manage all users in your school.  You can search for users by name, filter their records by course or by date, manage their courses, change their emails and passwords, import users or export them for further processing.

1 When in admin mode click on the "Users" --> "All learners" option in the admin menu.

2 Here is how your learners page looks:

3 You can filter the records by course:

...or by date

Also keep in mind that you can find users that haven't activated their accounts yet (this is very handy when you manually import lists of students and you are trying to find those that haven't activated their accounts yet). In that case, you can find them by choosing "Never Logged In" in the drop down list below.

The records will be filtered and a new button called "Re-Send activation" will show up in the topbar.

If you click on that, a new activation email will be sent to all those users reminding them to activate their accounts in your LearnWorld's school! Cool, ha?

4 You can even export the data in csv of xls format

5 There is the ability for you to track the basic info of every user and watch their progress inside your school, as well as make notes and check out the receipts they have received. To do that, click on a learner's name and a sideform will show up showing you all relevant information.

5a In this tab, you can check out the "Total time" the user has been connected to your school, the date and time he was registered as well as his last login, and lastly, the number of posts he/she has made and the courses he has enrolled into.

5b This tab does give you "Insights" regarding your users online activity. This is one of our premium features reserved for users that have subscribed to our "Learning Center" plan. You can find more about that feature by clicking here.

5c In this tab, you can check the activity of your users in your school.

5d In this tab, you can see the ammount of time a user has spent in a course as well as which leraning units they have finished. Furthermore, you can also check out the remaining progress they have for the unfinished learning units.

5eIn this tab, you can check out the receipts your user has received by getting enrolled to your courses or subscriptions.

5fIn this tab, you can add notes that will help you personalize your relationship with your users.

6 Last but not least, you can alse send a message to your user as well as manage all the different options our platform offers to you from this side form..

You are now officially a master at managing your learners page!