Mixpanel is one of the many Analytics and Monitoring integrations that our interface provides. It is a business analytics service which tracks user interactions with web and mobile applications and offers tools for targeted communication with them. Collected data is used to build custom reports and measure user engagement and retention.

Currently for Mixpanel our platform supports the following events:

- Signup: we add the user to Mixpanel People (with the user's email and username) and we also send the type of account (email, twitter, facebook, linkedin).

- Purchase Item: we send the product id, name, price and type (bundle, subscription, course).

We also increment a Lifetime Revenue counter and update a Last Item Purchase (date field that shows when the user last purchased a product) on your user's Mixpanel Profile.

All charges are added to your Mixpanel Revenue Report which in return lets you segment Lifetime Value and Average Revenue per Paying User in Mixpanel People.

- Page View: this event is only triggered on certain pages (course, bundle, subscription, payment pages and those created with our page builder) and depending on the type of the page, additional parameters are also added (such as product id, product type, title and slug). All page view events are tagged with a "Page Type" so you can easily filter pages you want to focus on.

In order to integrate your LearnWorld with Mixpanel, please follow the instructions below:

1 When in admin mode, follow this path: Integrations --> Analytics.

2 In there, scroll down and find Mixpanel, activate its functionality, and paste the token* of the Mixpanel integration in the appropriate text field. *In order to create a Mixpanel project token, please follow the instructions you'll find here.

3 Save your changes and you are done!