In LearnWorlds you can either directly upload a video file and use it in your courses (following this article) or include an existing video that is stored in

Here is how you can use an existing video from

1 In the course page, click on the "Contents".

2Under the section in which you want to upload video click "Add an activity".

3Make sure you are on the "Multimedia" tab and then click on the Video Button.

4Then, insert the “Title” and push the "Save" button.

5After you are done, hover on the right side of learning unit and click on the "Edit settings" button.

6 Then, a side bar will open and there you will have to choose whether you will add a video from course library, from vimeo or from all the videos of your school.

From course video library

Select a video uploaded in this course video library.

aAfter all the videos have been successfully uploaded on your video library, you can turn to your course authoring page whenever you wish and choose to upload any video you prefer. Add a video learning unit to your course and then select the "Course video library" choice.

bFrom the dropdown list, select one of the videos you have uploaded to your library and give a title to your video unit.

cJust click "Save" to finalize the whole process.

You are done!

From Vimeo

Another choice for video adding is to include a video that is stored in The procedure is pretty much the same as before:

aAdd a video learning unit to your course and again on the window that has poped up, select “vimeo” and then paste the "vimeo id" of the video you want to upload.

The “vimeo id” must look like this:

bThen click "Save".

cLearners will also be able to see the duration of the video.

Well done! You have uploaded your first vimeo video.

From all the videos of your school

The third choice for adding a video as a learning activity is to select to display a list of all the videos in your school and pick whichever you prefer. In that way you can reuse a video that you have already added in another course. The first steps are again the same.

aAdd a video learning unit to your course and hover your mouse over the new video title and click “edit learning unit”. The usual form will appear and the only thing you have to do is  choose the source of your video, selecting “From all school video”. Then choose the course where the video is contained by clicking the white cross.

bThe list of contained videos in the specific course will appear. Tick the box of the video you wish to reuse and the click “Save”.

cNow you will see that next to the title of your Video Learning Unit there is the duration of the video. Just save and keep adding!

Well done! You have uploaded your first video.