In most cases, users will self-enroll in your courses. However, occasionally you might need to manually enroll a student in one or more courses. Here is how you can easily accomplish this:

1 Click on the Users -> All users.

2 Select the learner you would like to manually enroll in the course, hover over the 3 dots under Manage, and click on the Enroll to Product button.

3 Select the course from the relevant list and give a price (this is the price you are selling the course to this specific learner only - it could be of course the original price of the course). You can also write also a small justification for the enrollment. Click on Enroll user.

Note: Users will be able to view this price unless you put 0 in the price field.

Note: If you do not wish for the course amount to be added to your Sales records, we recommend putting 0 in the price field. 

Note: If you have more than one user you wish to enroll in a course, you have the ability to Bulk enroll your users (available for our Learning Center plans or higher).