A coupon is a voucher entitling the holder to a discount for a particular product/course/service and on which you can set an expiration date for a more controlled promotion. Coupons promote a solid offer to a potential customer, encourage impulse buying and with them you can both attract new clients or reactivate old ones into buying new online courses. With LearnWorlds you can create discounts as percentages (%) or fixed ($) amounts, set expiry dates, and create multiple coupon codes to better control the source of your customers and coupon usage. 

Courses/Bundles Coupons

1. Navigate to Marketing →  Promotions (Coupons).

2. Click on Create course/bundle promotion.

3. Give a name to your promotion.

4. Choose the type of your promotion (Percentage % or Fixed $ amount) from the dropdown menu and fill in the value.

5. Select the courses/bundles for which the promotion will apply. You can either choose specific courses and bundles or allow the coupon to be applicable to all your courses and bundles. Once you select them click on Add product.

6. You have to create one or more sets of actual coupon codes for this promotion. 

Note: Creating separate sets of coupons gives you more control over how you distribute them (e.g. to different customer segments, through different channels, seasonal promotions, etc.) and allows for better monitoring of the effectiveness of each coupon/promotion. You can:

  • add a coupon code (Note: Coupon codes are case sensitive so make sure your learners copy the code exactly as it is)
  • set the maximum number of times this coupon can be used
  • set an expiration date for the coupon

Click on Create coupon before proceeding forward.

7. You can generate a big number of unique Coupons by Generating Bulk Coupons.

Click on Save.

Note: It is very important to click the second save button since this is the only step that finalizes the promotion coupon and stores it on your promotions list. Otherwise, your coupon will be discarded and you will have to start the creation process from scratch.

Note: You can export your Promotions in CSV or XLS format, by clicking on Export Promotions. You can find out more in our respective article.

Subscription Plans Coupons

In a LearnWorlds school, you have the ability to create coupons not only for courses or bundles but also for a Subscription Plan.

1. Click on MarketingPlans Promotions and click on Create subscription plan coupon.

2. In the settings window decide the discount type (percentage or a fixed amount) from the dropdown menu, set its value, add a name for the new coupon, and configure its duration.

In case you create a recurring coupon you can select for how many times (months) this coupon will be applied.

Click on Save to save your changes.

Giving your students access to a product with an already applied coupon

You can provide your users a URL redirecting them to a Payment page with a coupon already applied. In order to achieve that you only need to follow these steps:

1. Create the coupon as explained.

2. Copy the product's URL (course, bundle, or subscription) in order to find the product's id, by navigating to the product's Page Properties.

Note: For courses, you can also locate the aforementioned URL on the course's Access tab.

URL example: school.learnworlds.com/course/sell-courses-in-learnworlds

You will need to share school.learnworlds.com/course?courseid=sell-courses-in-learnworlds, where the course id is the id of the course after /course/.

3. Αfter the product's id paste &coupon= and the coupon's code (i.e. AUT2018)

In the end, the URL should be like this:


When the users visit this URL, they will be redirected to the product's page and, after clicking on Enroll, they will be redirected to the Payment page where the discount will be already applied. The User then will be able to click on Buy and proceed with the purchase.

In case you wish to redirect your users straight to the Payment page then you should use the URL:


where you should add the product id (sell-courses-in-learnworlds) and then coupon slug (&coupon=AUT2018

The correct URL should be like the one below:


If you want to share a URL with a coupon code for a bundle it should be like this one:


Note: You can find out more on how to manage your Coupons in our respective article.