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How to Create a Certificate Template

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LearnWorlds uses PDF templates to create user certificates. Those PDF certificates are PDF forms with fields corresponding to data (e.g., name, the course title, etc.) that you need to include in users' certificates. 

To create and upload your custom PDF Certificate in your Certification Learning activities, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Create your Certification Learning Activity (Certificate of Knowledge or Certificate of Completion).

2. Customize your Certification activity and add your Custom Certificate PDF Keys if you wish (see below).

3. Create the PDF template of your choice.

Create the template of your choice with your brand or logo, for example, in a Word file, and then save it in a PDF format. 

4. Customize the PDF template in a PDF Editor (see below).

Use any PDF editor, upload your PDF template to edit it, and insert the appropriate Text Form Fields with values as shown below. Make sure to keep the file size below 1MB, preferably below 500KB.

5. Upload the PDF template to your Certification learning activity under Certificate candidate details.

Custom Certificate PDF Fields

You can add as many custom certificate fields as you want and populate them on the PDF Online Editor while creating your custom Certificate template using Certificate keys.

When you add a certificate PDF key for a certificate field (if available), e.g., cert_dropdown, you need to use the same PDF key in the PDF escape Online Editor when you create a custom PDF certificate. The key, e.g., cert_dropdown can be used on the certificate template and populate the information/answer the user will submit on this specific certificate field.

The Custom Certificate Keys are available for the Assessment Builder. You can learn how to migrate your existing Assessments here.

PDF Escape Online Editor 

The following steps are based on PDF Escape Online Editor- a free online PDF editor tool. The procedure in other PDF editors may vary; however, these are the basic steps you need to take.

1. Visit

2. Choose to create a new PDF document or click on Upload if you have a custom certificate template in PDF format available. 

3. Click on Form Field, pick Text and click on Select.

4. Choose the area where you would like to insert this Field onto. Give it a proper size to fit your text.

5. Click on the object and select Object Properties

6. Insert the Certificate Field name to the object.

Field names are case-sensitive.

6.a. You can either insert the custom Certificate pdf key that you have stated on the certificate learning activity. 

6.b. Or you can insert one of the following default fields:

Supported Certificate Fields
The name of the user (all characters are supported)
The course name
The date that the certificate was awarded will appear as 7 May 2022
The date that the certificate was awarded will appear as 07/05/2022 (day/month/year)
The date that the certificate was awarded will appear as 05/07/2022 (month/day/year)
The score that the user achieved in the final test, in percentage points (not available on the Certificate of Completion)
The course credits points (this can be set up in the course's Settings, under Add a label
A unique identifier (text and numbers) that can be used to identify/track valid certificates
A special field that can be used for showing user input, like a professional registration number (Legacy Questionnaire Builder).
This link downloads the original certificate locally to the users' systems.

The PTIN field regards the Legacy Questionnaire Builder. In the new Assessment Builder, the Short Text certificate field can be used instead of the PTIN. You will find more about the Short Text field in the Certificate of Knowledge and Certificate of Completion articles.  Also, the PTIN is bound to each LearnWorlds school domain. If you choose to alter your custom domain and experience issues with the PTIN field, submit a support ticket to assist you further.

7. Click on the Download option to save the final pdf file.

Note: Preferably set the Alignment of the form field property to Center so that the text flows nicely. It would be good to set the font size to Auto on the top text toolbar of your screen. If the background color of the certificate template is black, you can change the color of the text to white via the color option found next to the font size option.

Upload the Certificate template to your Certificate activity

Once you have created and downloaded the Certificate PDF template, upload it to your Certificate learning activity under Certificate candidate details.

Here is an example of how the certificate will look:

You can find more information and a variety of ready-made Certificate templates, here.

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