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How to Utilize AI (Artificial Intelligence) to Create a Course Outline

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Creating a course outline with our AI (Artificial Intelligence) assistant can save a lot of time in terms of generating a course structure that can organize the learning material and facilitate the learning process of the students. This process can become otherwise challenging, as you will need to consider what kind of course chapters to create while simultaneously keeping your students engaged with the course syllabus. 

This article will guide you through the process of crafting a course outline with the aid of the powerful AI assistant. By doing so, you can optimize efficiency and save valuable time.

Create your Course Outline - Start with AI

To kickstart the Course content creation process, utilizing AI:

1. Navigate to the new course you have created.

2. Click on "Start building with AI".

  1. You can define the topic of the course.
  2. The type of learning activities that can be included.
  3. Optionally, you can also define:
  • The number of generated sections.
  • Number of learning activities per section.
  • Key Topics to be taken into consideration.
  • Resources that can be included or derive information from.
  • Instructional approach (e.g. Problem-based learning).
  • Course level (e.g. advanced).
  • Course audience to address the course to.
  • The tone of voice.

Before inserting the AI-powered course outline, you are able to: 

  • Suggest a new activity.
  • Regenerate the outline.
  • Improve the prompt by re-visiting the previous settings.
  • Suggest a new section.
  • Change the activity type.
  • Re-order the sections and learning activities.
  • Visit the Activity AI Assistant, where you can:

Suggest an alternative activity.

→ Rephrase the activity.

  • Visit the Section AI Assistant, where you can:

→ Propose a new section.

→ Rephrase section.

→ Add more activities.

→ Reduce activities.

Once you are ready, click on Insert Content, to start customizing your created course outline.

Section Creation/Editing with AI

You can generate additional sections by scrolling at the end of the page and clicking "Create Section with AI". The process is similar to the one described, although in this case, you will need to define the description of the section (required setting). 

You can also Rephrase a Section and Suggest new learning activities.

Activity Creation/Editing with AI

You can further generate learning activities by clicking on the "Create Activity with AI" at the end of each section.  The process is similar to the one described, although in this case you will need to define the description of the learning activity (required setting).

You can also Rephrase an Activity and Suggest new learning activities.

AI Prompts per Plan

Trial - 100/month

Starter - 300/month

Pro trainer - 500/month

Learning Center - 1000/month

High Volume - 2000/month

Responsible use of AI

To make the most of this advanced technology, it's important to keep ethical considerations and limitations in mind.

Navigate Ethical Considerations: When using AI to assist with any topic, bear in mind the ethical aspects involved. Always verify suggestions before putting them into practice.

Double-check Accuracy and Reliability: Ensure the information provided is accurate and relevant to your topic, by cross-referencing with trustworthy sources.

Put Privacy and Security First: Be conscious of the data you share while interacting with AI.

Be Aware of AI-based Assistance Limitations: Recognize that AI might not have all the answers for every topic, so use it just as a supportive companion.

The Perfect Balance: Foster a productive partnership between AI and your own knowledge when exploring any subject. Let AI spark new ideas and possibilities while trusting your creativity and intuition for your final decisions.

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