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How to Upload a Graded SCORM Learning Activity

Pro Trainer
Learning Center
High Volume & Corporate

Graded SCORM packages can be used to offer a Graded SCORM questionnaire to your users. Graded SCORM packages enhance our SCORM learning activity option, which allows you to integrate Score and Pass/Fail results from SCORM into your Gradebook

  • Pro Trainers benefit from 20 unique uploads of either SCORM, Graded SCORM, or HTML5 packages.
  • Learning Center and High-Volume plans benefit from unlimited uploads (fair use policy applies).

To upload your Graded SCORM package:

1. Create your course and the course sections.

2. Go to the course you wish and click the Course Outline tab.

3. Click on Add an Activity.

4. Select the Graded SCORM package under the Exams category.

5. Give a title and click Save to create your Graded SCORM package.

6. Click on Settings, to edit the package.

If you have a custom domain connected to your school, and more specifically Cloudflare, it may block big SCORM uploads for small packages. You can disable the Cloudflare proxy (switch to DNS only) in order to upload the SCORM file.


Hower over the Graded SCORM activity and click on Settings to upload and modify your Graded SCORM package's settings. 

1. Add a SCORM package that supports Score and/or Pass/Fail values. The valid SCORM package types supported in LearnWorlds are:

  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004

2. Edit the Title and Description of the learning activity.

3. Choose whether you like our system to Collect the score from the SCORM package or not. If you select this option, our system will continuously read this value from the SCORM package and update the Gradebook.

4. Use the SCORM's internal PASS/FAIL rules.

5. Set the passing score for this learning activity.

  • If you have the Use SCORM's internal PASS/FAIL rules option OFF or the SCORM package does not include the passing grade based on the standards, then you will need to define, in the form of a percentage (%), the passing score for this Graded SCORM.
  • If the Collect score from SCORM package is set as OFF and Use SCORM internal PASS / FAIL rules are set as ON, a status of Pass (score set to 100) or Fail (score set to 0) will be automatically assigned to the user.

6. Monitor how long users stayed in this learning activity. This allows you to track the total time your users spend in your Graded SCORM learning activity. For this functionality to work properly, ensure all the needed settings are configured in your SCORM package.

7. Add a digital download for this activity.

8. Set a unit background image.

You can also Password protect this learning activity for users who only have the password.

If you choose to update a GRADED SCORM file to a newer version, a message will pop up to select if the Gradebook overview will keep the scores users have already achieved by completing the previous version of the uploaded SCORM file or reset them.

a. If you click on Keep Score then no entry is created in the Gradebook, and if the user revisits the activity the score will reset to 0.

b. If you click on Reset Scores then a new entry will be created on the Gradebook for all users.

SCORM Package limitations:

The Pro Trainer plan has 20 SCORM package limitations and a 2GB total size limit. 

 The Learning Center and higher plans have the option of an unlimited number of SCORM files and unlimited combined size in total (fair use policies apply).

• For individual SCORM package uploads, there is a size limit of 400MB per file.

Trials can upload up to 3 SCORM packages with a 400 MB size limitation.

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