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How to Create and Manage the Site Flavors

Site Flavors allow an administrator to safely create an alternative version of a school’s site in just a few clicks. This is a fantastic feature for those who would like to make short-term changes to their site, without compromising the site’s original design. Unlimited Site Flavors option is available for our Learning Center plan and above.

For instance, you can create a Black Friday Site Flavor where you can start working on a stripped-down site, without altering the original one, and activate the Black Friday one whenever you are ready.

1. Navigate to Site Builder → Site Flavors, and Create a site flavor, or click on Clone, to create a clone of the active site. By cloning the site a complete copy of the school’s site will be produced, including pages and product descriptions.

2. Click on Εdit in Site Builder so you can begin making changes.

You can use the Theme Explorer and select different colors and fonts for your new Site’s Flavour, and start customing your pages

Click on Preview for a quick preview. 

Note: At the Pages Manager for your new flavor, you will notice that it only shows the pages of the site flavor you are currently editing.

3. Once finished, Activate your new site flavor and see the results.

This feature will give you the time you need to make elaborate changes to your site! Should you want to build a totally fresh version of your school’s site, you can create a new site flavor, select a theme, and start building on your own time.


  • You can Preview, Clone, Edit preview the Pages Manager, Rename and Delete each of your created Site Flavors. 
  • Users will not be able to view any edits until you Activate the site flavor.

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