The most popular payment method in Poland

Stripe users in Europe and the United States can accept Przelewy24 payments from customers in Poland.

During the payment process your customer is redirected to their bank’s website or mobile application to authorize the payment.

Przelewy24 is a push-based, single-use and synchronous method of payment. This means your customer takes action to send the amount to you through a redirect and there is immediate confirmation about the success or failure of a payment.

1 Enable Przelewy24 as a payment method in your Stripe account. You can do this if you navigate from your Dashboard to Settings → Payment methods and enable Przelewy24.

Make sure to read the Terms of Use and the P24 Addendum and then click the Activate button on the modal. Przelewy24 is not enabled yet from Stripe and it is in pending mode.

A final email will be sent to you by stripe that informs you about the status of your activation. If successful the status will be changed from Pending to Live and now you would be able to use Przelewy24 on your school.

2 Make sure that your school’s currency is set to Euro or Zloty. You can change that by going to Financial → Financial Settings → Currency.

3 Third and final step. You must enable Przelewy24 in your LearnWorlds Payment Gateway page. You can do this by clicking Financial → Payment Gateway and enable the Przelewy24 switch from the available options.

That’s all! Now your Check out page and your one-click sales funnel zones include Przelewy24 as a payment method

For more information on how to accept Przelewy24 payment through Stripe, you may visit