Live Class? Webinar?

A magnificent idea to teach, coach, host meetings, personalize your educational program, familiarize with your audience and many many more reasons to consider getting behind a microphone and address live to your learners!

Let’s see the procedure.

First you should create a calendar so that the learners will select their preferred date and time based on your availability.

This calendar can be created as an embed learning activity.

We have created the detailed procedure for setting up a calendar with Calendly or SetMore.

Once this procedure is completed, your learners will be able to schedule their Live Class 

with an easy and advanced way without long email sequences, phone calls and time zones conversions. 

Or in case you wish to set a pre-scheduled webinar all you have to do is just notify your learners about the day and time they should visit your course to attend the live class/webinar.

Now it is time to select a webinar provider:)

You may select Youtube Live

and you can click here for a step by step procedure for setting up the webinar

Alternatively you may choose Ustream and follow our detailed “how-to” guide for performing a webinar or live class

Kindly note that you can also use any other webinar hosting provider, by pasting the embeddable code of the live class event to an embed learning activity

You’re all set-up. You may start enjoying live interaction with your learners:)