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General Overview: Video Player Settings

The Video Player is fully mobile-friendly and there is also the option of adding interactive elements to your videos (titles, images, pointers, your logo, etc).

The user can play, pause, replay the video, and adjust the quality, playback rate, volume, captions, and full-width of the video. The video bar has a position indicator (ball/handler) where the user can see exactly where they are in the video and respectively move the video in a certain position with precision. 

Video Storage Preferences

You can set up the Video storage preferences and select between LearnWorlds, Vimeo, or Wistia.

Player Appearance

You can choose a skin that matches your brand and fits better with the content and style of your video. 

Player Setup

You can further customize the settings of your video player, and the transcript settings of your videos as well.

Transcription services

In case you have activated the Learning Center plan or higher, you can use our transcription services.

Keyboard shortcuts

The user has the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to change the settings of the video. The functions are as follows:

Space: Play / Pause video

ArrowUp: + 10% Volume

ArrowDown: -10% Volume

ArrowRight: The video progresses by 5 seconds

ArrowLeft: The video turns back 5 seconds

F: Enter/Exit fullscreen

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