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How to Use Auth0 with Learnworlds SAML SSO

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Auth0 is a very popular authentication provider, with SAML SSO you are able to connect your existing identity management system with Learnworlds and allow your users to access Learnworlds via their Auth0 account. This is a basic guide on how to set up your school to use Auth0, based on your setup you might need to perform more actions. 

Login to auth0 and go to Applications → Applications and either create a new Regular web application or use an existing one.

Within your application, navigate to Addons and turn on SAML2 WEB APP.

This will display the SAML2 setup page.

Copy the necessary information to your school's settings Site builder → Sign in/up. For the certificate, you will need to download it and open it with a text editor. 

IssuerIDP Identifier (Entity ID)
Identity Provider Login URLSign-on URL 
<not provided directly, read further down if you wish to setup Single Logout>Single Logout URL
Identity Provider CertificateIdentity Provider Certificate 

From your school settings, copy the ACS URL:

and paste it to the Application Callback URL, and enable your Addon.

Save the settings in your school and you are all set!

Single Logout

Auth0 also provides the ability for Single Logout, meaning that if the user logs out from your school, they will also be logged out from their Auth0 application account or even from all Auth0 applications. 

You may create a Single Logout URL according to this Auth0 documentation.

In the URL it will be https://YOUR_DOMAIN/v2/logout? client_id=YOUR_CLIENT_ID& returnTo=LOGOUT_URL where Client_id is the Client ID of your Auth0 application.

returnTo is the page that you need to redirect your users after logging out from your school, usually back to your school's main page. You will need to add the returnTo URL to the Allowed Logout URLs of your Auth0 application.


  • The changes in the Sign in/up page regarding SSO will have to be made by the LearnWorlds admin.
  • If you wish to use our built-in Affiliate Management program, you should consider not using the SSO solution, since it will not be feasible to use this feature and track sales.
  • If you're using SAML as an authentication method, it's mandatory to change the Site Navigation settings in the Payment Flow section for Logged-out users, as they will need to sign up/log in before proceeding to the payment page.

  • If you select Auth0 the LearnWorlds password update/reset functionality will not be available.
  • In case you have existing users when enabling SSO with Auth0, you will need to import all the LearnWorlds users to your Auth0 system.
  • Also, you will need to make sure that in all Payment Sections the Sign in/up form option is set to hide since the user will not be able to sign in/up via the Learnworlds system.

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