With LearnWorlds you have the option to send automated email notifications to your learners when a certain key-event takes place, for example upon Registration or Enrollment. 

You can find out more about our available Notifications, here.

If you wish to customize the notifications (for example translate the text), go to "Settings" - "Notification emails" and navigate to the messages you wish to alter/translate.

Add links

If you wish to add links, in order to redirect a user to a specific page, follow these steps:

1 Highlight the text and click on the “Insert Link” button at the formatting toolbar at the top of your screen.

2 Insert your link.

Remove links

If you wish to remove links that you have inserted, simply highlight the text containing the link (the color of the text will be light blue, which indicates that this particular text contains a link), and click on the “Unlink” button at the formatting toolbar.

Adding Variables

Variables are a special type of text in the form of {{text}}, that are replaced by the actual information.

For example, the {{school_name}} variable, will show the name of your school and the {{name}} variable will show the name of the user that will receive the email notification.

Please note, that different variables are available for each email notification.

You can insert a variable in the main body of each email notification, simply by typing the variable (for example {{logo}}

Alter the existing links/variables within links

If you want to translate or change the text of an existing link, you will need to know the exact link or variable that is “hidden” underneath in order to be able to re-insert it after the alterations. 

Right-click on the text-link and click on “Inspect”

And in the new area that appears, you will be able to see the exact variable that is “hidden” underneath, for example in our case, the “Start now your own learning adventure” is connected with the {{homepage}} variable, so the users who click this link will be redirected to your Landing Page.

Once you make all the changes you wish in the text you can mark the text where you would like to insert the variable. In this example I replaced the text "Start now your own learning adventure" with "Join us here!" and I would like to add the variable in the "here" text. So you need to highlight the "here" text and click the "Insert link" button.  

There you will need to insert the variable {{homepage}} and click the  "OK" button.

And your newly created link will redirect your users to your Landing page! 

Piece of cake, right?