LearnWorlds offers an Interactive Video editor with advanced functionalities and a handy sidebar menu that allows you to easily add elements such as text or images on top of your videos.  

The Interactive Transcript text, a brand-new interactive transcript feature is nothing other than your video automatically translated in written text. Please know that this should first be proofread (since the whole process is automated by the system, proof-reading it will help to better the syntax and grammar of the text).  This ability will allow your learners to read the text alongside the video. They can click on any word on the transcript and they will automatically be taken at the point of the video where this was mentioned. 

Let’s go through the procedure!

First, select a course and navigate to its contents. Find the video you’d like to modify and click on the “Edit video” button next to the title.


You will be then redirected to the iVideo’s Authoring mode where you can make magic, by using the sidebar menu!

A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated 

Interactive Transcript

               Click on “Autogenerate” to create the transcript:

            Pick the language and then click on “Transcribe”

         Once the transcript is generated, you can proof-read it and edit it with the help of the main toolbar:

         Set it to Public or Draft mode if you are still working on it.

        Note: Keep in mind that in order to see your transcript in Preview mode, you need to set it to "Public"

        You may even download the transcript, reset it, clear the formatting or generate it from the subtitles

Once the transcript is ready, you learners will be able to completely turn it off, choose it to fit the window or watch the full transcript text:

Moreover, they can download the text file, change its size and set the auto-scroll preferences:

We support multiple subtitle languages: 

The automatic transcriber also supports specific dialects for even better transcriptions: