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How to Set up your Sign Up Fields And Social Logins

As a school owner, you would like to know all the relevant information about your users when they sign up for your school. Besides the Full Name, E-mail, and Password, which are the by default required fields, LearnWorlds offers several custom sign-up fields that can be set as required (or not) in your school’s sign-up form. 

Sign-up fields/ Custom sign-up fields

You can see all of the available Sign-up fields if you navigate to Site Builder→ Sign in/up/out. You can find out more about creating custom sign-up fields here.

Sign up with Social Media

You can specify whether users can sign up/log in to your school through social media. Social Login makes it much easier for your potential students to Sign up for your school, as it minimizes the obstacles of creating new usernames and passwords, allowing them the same time to use their existing social media accounts. If you want to enrich your knowledge regarding the benefits of Social Login in your school, check out our Blog post.

To activate the Social logins:

1. Go to Site Builder → Sign in/up/out.

2. You can add all the available options or just a couple of them:

Where will users be redirected when Signing Up through a Social Login?






Note: White-labeling your school and completely removing any mention of the LearnWorlds brand (e.g., No logo LearnWorlds on the Social Logins) is available in our Learning Center plans or higher. 

After the user’s successful sign-up, an account is automatically created, and the system is updated regarding the type of this account. To verify this, navigate to your User Management page and see the icon on your user's Avatar.

Once a user signs up using the social media of his choice, in order to login they have to use the same social login. 

If you have chosen to allow users to sign up only via buying a product first, the social sign-ups on the payment page and in your login form will not function (thusly giving the message "Registration prohibited"). In this case, if signing up via social logins is an essential feature for your school, then the only workaround would be to enable the setting "Anyone can Sign-up".


  • If some users try to reset their password if they have signed up via Social logins, the action will fail because they need to change the password from the respective social login (e.g., through Google settings). If nevertheless, your users insist on having their passwords reset, you can then manually add a custom password to your user's profile and then click on the "Reset Password" option to send them an email to insert a new password. For more information regarding the process, you can check this article. This is a workaround, and the user will then be able to log in both with the social login and LearnWorlds credentials. 
  • These fields are available in the reports (excel or CSV) you can export from your school (Users → All users), Also, they are available in the API, in the Webhooks, email integrations, and Zapier.
  • If you have users that already signed up in your School through Social Logins, they will not be able to sign in to their old accounts after you white-label your Social Logins. These users will need to create a new account.

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