With our new awesome improvements in our course player, you can now limit content (like in drip feed) and deliver it the way you want! This one is a very useful customization. You can specify whether learners can navigate freely in the course contents or have to comply with specific restrictions. The options you have in general are the following (in order to unlock all the available features you can upgrade to our Learning Center plan and above): 

1Free navigation: Allows learners to navigate freely in your content (available on all our plans)

If you choose this option, students can navigate freely in your content with no restrictions. That means, they can jump to any unit they want. They can move from the first unit to the last unit; they can move from one section to another. There are no restrictions on what they are going to see or when they are going to see it. 

Μarks in the path tab and the course page indicate which units are completed. 

2Sequential navigation (available on our Pro Trainer plan and above)

On the other hand, you can choose sequential navigation. With sequential navigation, the learner has to "complete" each learning unit before continuing to the next. A typical choice for accreditation courses and not only. This means that the content is delivered in the order that it is in. The user can’t skip an activity before completing the previous one. Therefore, if the learner manages to jump to the next unit a relevant message appears:

If they try to visit another unit in the learning path they see every other unit locked:

This way, the learning units can be completed only sequentially:

3Navigation with Prerequisites (available on our Learning Center plan and above)

Not all, but some of the units are considered as prerequisites to unlock the units that follow them! Milestones that the user has to complete to unlock content further ahead. In the example below, the user can’t visit any unit, unless they read the “Video script” first.

When you enable this choice:

Τhe side form when editing a learning unit will also present a checkbox for setting this learning unit as a prerequisite.

In the navigation options, you can also choose if you want the next video unit to  be loaded automatically when a video ends.

And also change the text of the navigation buttons!

See an example: 

When is a learning unit considered completed?

Be careful, learning units completion can be set in three different ways, either you have chosen free or sequential navigation inside your course: 

1A unit is considered completed when it is visited. The simplest way for quick progress, freedomness, and relaxed courses. By just visiting a unit it is marked as completed (available on all our plans):

However, exams, assignments, and certificates are completed only when passed.

2Another choice is when a unit is considered completed according to default estimations of workload. That means that the learner has to watch a video for at least its duration, has to read an ebook for at least the automatically extracted reading time (calculated based on the contained word), has to pass the exams and/or the certificates and visit for at least 5 secs all the other learning units. (100% read time for ebooks, 100% of the duration of the video, formal questionnaires when passed, everything else after 5 seconds). Only then are those units completed.

If you have set the free navigation option and the user jumps to a unit without completing the previous one, the unit gets marked with a bullet. Only if the user returns and watches the whole video will it be marked as completed (available on our Learning Center plan and above):


If you have chosen sequential navigation, the user can’t go to the next unit unless the estimated engagement time is completed.

3Finally, you can also have, customized unit completion rules. In this section, you can customize the values of unit duration (available on the Learning Center plan and above). That means that you can set your desired reading time for each of your units. You have got three choices here:

a) Set your own rules. For example,

  • In the case of your ebooks you want the user to read 20% of the read time

  • In the case of your videos you want the user to read 20% of the video duration

  • You set a common minimum type time for all other units (in seconds)

  • Assignments and exams are completed only when passed


b) You can set a global minimum time for all units (in secs) (except again certificates, assignments and exams, which are completed only when passed)

c) Set Custom time for each element. If you select this choice, you can edit each learning unit and set the completion time separately. If you choose this checkbox, you will see in the side form when editing a learning unit, two new number inputs.

Again, if you have set free navigation and the user jumps to a unit without completing the previous one, the unit gets marked with a bullet. If you have chosen sequential navigation, the user can’t go to the next unit unless the customized engagement time is completed.

If you use Zapier to fire a course completion event, the course player settings is where you can determine when this event happens exactly.