As an administrator, you’ve automated your school emails and notifications so to save time. 

A few times though, it is essential to track communication with learners so to monitor closely their progress or activity.

So let's take a closer look to Emails log menu.

1 From your admin panel, kindly navigate to Reports section and click on "Activity"

2 and then "Emails log"

This menu shows the total number of emails sent 

and also provides a drop down search option so to filter results according to their content.

To track a learner’s email activity you may use the search option by their email address

 and clear filtering afterwards.

From the Emails log menu and under the “Actions” column you will find a "magnifying glass" button

 and you can also easily preview the email sent to the learner.

Emails log, as a reporting tool can be used daily to track at a glimpse the learners’ progress in unlocking sections, bundle sales, subscription statuses, certificates awarded and assignments graded by your instructors and of course to make sure that the emails are being sent without an issue. 

All the above listed in one page and sorted by date. Pretty awesome, right?