One-on-one tutoring, webinar, private course, student coaching, class meeting, or open discussion. There are really several reasons to include Calendly in a course and schedule a meeting.

Wouldn’t it be nice to set up meetings easily? Avoid email exchange, distant calls, override different time zone calculations, and ensure attendance by “smart” notifications?

In LearnWorlds you can add a Calendly meeting calendar in a course as an embed learning activity with a pretty simple procedure.

Let’s see the steps!

From your admin panel, you can navigate to the course you wish to present your Calendly invitation and select the “Add an activity” button:

Click on the embed tab

and select the Embed icon.

Type in the learning activity’s title and Save!

For the next step, visit Calendly, sign up or log in to your account.

To embed your personal scheduling page, select "Share Your Link" from the drop-down menu.

In the popup window that appears, click "Embed on Your Website".

and choose the Inline type of embed. Click on the "Copy Code" button and close the popup window!

Now you can use the copied code in our Embed learning unit, so let’s get back in LearnWorlds admin panel.

You can select the "Settings" button:

and paste it in the respective field,

Hit “Save” and Preview your Calendly event scheduler within the course.

So this is the page your learners will use to schedule a personal or team meeting with you!