We know how much important is to engage your students. This is why we have made your videos even more special with our brand new Video Player. 

The new video player is fully mobile friendly and the navigation for the users has become a piece of cake. Not only the experience is more fluent and comfortable, from now on there is the possibility to add interactive elements to your videos (titles, images, pointers, your logo etc) which your users can view while they are watching them in the course player (hint: the colors of the video player and the templates match the color scheme of your school which makes your brand more robust look and feel). 

This takes their experience to a whole new level and one thing is for sure, they will love your videos even more. Fully customizable videos by you! Awesome, right? So let us introduce you to some of the basic features of the new video player:

1 The interaction of a learner inside a video is pretty much the same. The user can play, pause, replay, seek, increase or decrease volume and enter full-screen mode. 

2 The video bar now has a position indicator (ball/handler) with which the learner can see exactly where he/she is in the video and respectively move the video in a certain position with precision. Specifically, when the learner “hovers over” the progress bar he can see exactly at what point in the video he will go once he clicks.

3 The video of the lesson will start automatically for the learner if you have enabled the “Autoplay videos” option (navigate for your admin menu to “Settings” -> “Video”  (please note that in iOS devices the autoplay is disabled and the user has to tap on the “play” button). 

4 The learner can easily choose the playback rate he prefers and watches the video at his own pace.

5 It is also possible for the learner to select the captions that you have uploaded in a specific video. 

Please note that this applies when Vimeo has been selected as the Video provider in “Settings” -> “Video” and the videos are uploaded to a Vimeo Pro or higher account) 

6 Keyboard shortcuts= life made simple. The learner has the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to change the settings of the video. 

The functions are as follows:

-Space: Play / Pause video

-ArrowUp: + 10% Volume

-ArrowDown: -10% Volume

-ArrowRight: The video progresses by 5 seconds

-ArrowLeft: The video turns back 5 seconds

-F: Enter/Exit full screen

7 Last but not least, the most awesome feature of all. Within the brand new video player, you can insert titles, text, images, headings etc in order to make your videos truly unique. Check a sneak peek below: