Selling digital products is all about the “funnel”: how to make the path of your potential customer as easy and friction-less as possible, all the way up to confirming that precious course sale.

Let’s face it, customers’ time and attention span are limited and hundreds of products and distractions are competing to lure them away from your school. Your course will only have a few seconds of your customer’s attention so you can’t afford to have a slow, tedious sales process. Everything needs to be optimized. One less step to follow, one less form field to complete can really make the difference and increase your conversion rate and bottom line.

1-click sales funnels are the state-of-the-art when it comes to funnel optimization.

What are 1-click funnels? (also called 1-step sales funnels). Simply put they are online forms where your potential customers can provide, in a single pass, all the information needed to complete a purchase.

LearnWorlds allows you to create 1-click sales funnel for selling your courses, subscriptions and bundles with the help of our Pages builder. You can choose a product users can purchase by simultaneously registering to the school. If the user is already logged in the school, then the registration zone fields are prefilled and disabled. Let's see how you can add such a zone in this brief and simple tutorial.

1 Go to the Landing Page (or any other page you want to customize) from your admin menu.

Note: In the Checkout page, 1 click Sales Funnel zones are not available. To find more about how to customize your Checkout Page simply follow this link.

2  To insert a new 1-Click Sales Funnel zone in your current page you simply have to hover your mouse over the arrow on the far right of your screen to expand the extra options menu.

From there scroll down to find the "1-Click Sales Funnels" template category to choose one of our templates.

3 Once you select your desired 1-Click Sales Funnel template, you can click on the "Edit products" to further customize it.

Keep in mind that some templates in this particular category can be changed in terms of color.

4 In the Products Manager, you can choose the type of product you wish to promote for purchase and then simply pick the desired one.
Once you are done, click on "OK" for your changes to be applied.

Don't forget to click on the "Save" button otherwise your changes will be discarded. To see your changes, simply click on the "Preview" button.

This is how your 1-Click Sales Funnel zone could look to your school visitors and learners.