Your LearnWorlds school can also send a notification upon a new subscription trial, a new subscription, subscription renewal, cancellation, and failure.

Go to "Settings" - "Notification emails" - "Subscription emails":

  • When a subscription trial starts.

When a user starts a subscription trial you can send them a notification email.

  • When the subscription trial ends in three days

You can send your users a notification mail three days prior to the end of their subscription trial.

  • When a subscription trial ends

  • When a user subscribes

When a user makes a new subscription you can send them a thank you mail.

  • When a subscription is renewed

You also have the option to send a different email when a subscription is renewed.

  • When a subscription is canceled

Upon cancellation, a separate mail will be sent to users.

  • When a subscription fails to be renewed

You can also send a different mail in the case of a subscription not being renewed.

After you have made your changes do not forget to click on the "Save" button!

It wasn't that hard, was it? Good job!