The Site Builder tool provides amazing ease of use and stunning results. Here are some of our best practices on using the LearnWorlds Site Builder. 


General Tips

Work on a single tab 

Prefer to work on a single browser tab while editing instead of having multiple ones opened. This is crucial so as to not overwrite your own changes. 

Note: The same applies to more than one person working on the same page from different devices.

Do not paste formatted

In general, we advise not to copy & paste text from another source without ensuring that the text is unformatted. i.e. When you paste text from Microsoft Word, the pasted text carries a lot of formatting rules. Although we do our tricks and remove most of the unnecessary formatting, there is a strong possibility that formatting rules may still remain in your text. The most secure way is to first copy the text to a simple text editor (notepad for example, which automatically removes the formatting info) and then re-copy & paste the text into your page.

Improve your experience

Check your pages’ responsiveness

Right-click on a page (in preview or live mode, not in authoring) and then click Inspect element. Click the Toggle Device option and select the screen size you want to preview your page on.

Hide the authoring toolbar while working on a page

Especially when working on a device with a shorter screen, hide the authoring toolbar while working on a page. Click on the little arrow at the bottom middle of the toolbar.

Pin the side form

You can easily pin the right side form like this and it will bring the entire page in view on the left.

Instantly trigger the login/signup form

You might be testing changes on your login and signup form. You do not need to click on a sign-in/up button every time, to check your changes. 

Use this link: (by replacing with your LearnWorlds school) to see the sign-in form.

User this link: (by replacing with your LearnWorlds school) to see the signup form.

Test your Changes

Testing a change (and especially when saving is needed)

A new idea for one of your pages has come up and you want to test it out! You do not need to save on your live page. You can clone it instead and test anything you want on the clone.

Testing a change on the topbar/footer of your school

On a cloned page go to Page → Page properties and select a custom page topbar/footer for this test page. You can work on the clone’s topbar without affecting the main school topbar. Remember to delete the cloned page once you are done.

Incognito mode is god

Using incognito is awesome if you want to see your school as a logged-out user. Right-click on the browser icon on your computer’s taskbar, click incognito mode and paste the live URL you want to see there.

Note: The live URL is not the same as the authoring URL. For instance, when authoring a page, the link can be like this:  but the public URL is this:

Test user account

Taking the incognito mode a step further, you can sign up to your school as a user and see the changes you are applying in author mode the way a user would.