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How to Integrate Google Analytics with your LearnWorlds School

Google Analytics is the industry-leading tool for tracking and reporting web traffic. LearnWorlds offers seamless integration with Google Analytics to easily see how many people are visiting your website, where they are coming from, how long they are staying, how they are interacting with the site, and much more.

Set up Google Analytics

1. Visit the Google Analytics Website ( and log in with your account. 

2. Click on Settings   Admin and Create a property.

3. Add your property name and click on Show Advanced options.

4. Enable Create a Universal Analytics property, add the website URL, and choose the Create a Universal Analytics property only option. Click on Next.

5. Add your Business information and click on Create.

6. Copy the Tracking ID that Google Analytics just generated for you.

Both versions of Google Analytics, GA4, and Universal, are currently supported by our current Google Analytics integration. You can add either a GA4 G-code or a UA-code, once you activate the integration.

GA4 will replace Universal in July 2023. If you're still using the Universal version, you can slowly transition with the "dual set up" option, learn more in this article

Activate Google Analytics integration

1. Go to Settings → Ιntegrations → Analytics.

2. Activate Google Analytics Integration, paste the Tracking ID code, and save your changes. 

To view all the statistics that Google provides, just visit your Google Analytics page and navigate to Audience → Overview.

For more detailed information and tutorials about Google Analytics, visit the Google Analytics Training and Support site and the Analytics Features page. 

Supported Events

In its current implementation, LearnWorlds uses the gtag.js library to help collect data in Google Analytics. The events supported out of the box by LearnWorlds’ GA integration are the following:

  • Sign up / Registration
  • Purchase
  • Free trial on subscription plan
  • Page View


  • Make sure to activate e-commerce tracking: In this way, the number of conversions/purchases will be tracked correctly, especially if your school or your google analytics account uses a different currency and not USD.
  • You can also add PayPal to Referral Exclusion List in Google Analytics. Click here and here for more information.  
  • Users will need to accept the Marketing Cookies, for Google Analytics to work properly.      

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