If you want to see what it looks like to be a student purchasing one of your courses you can just… play in the sandbox! 

Sandbox is excellent for when you’re building your school. It helps you design the paths to and after purchase in an optimal way. In this way, you can be sure that everything runs smoothly. 

1 Navigate to Settings → Financial → Payment gateway and activate Sandbox (it is activated by default if you have not selected a payment gateway).

2Sign up to your own school as a simple user.

3Find your favorite course and click on Enroll.

4In the Payment page you will notice that the credit card details are prefilled for you, with some test credentials. 

Note: These credentials are not editable and are prefilled automatically - if you hover over the payment method you will also see a darker background appearing with the information that the form is prefilled for testing purposes.

5 Click on Buy, and you have now "purchased" a course using the Sandbox mode as your payment gateway.

Once you complete the "payment" you will receive your invoice, and you alternate any field that you want to change in your admin settings. You can see how to do customize your invoices here.

In case you need more information about our available payment gateways, you can check this article here.