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Video Transcription Services

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LearnWorlds offers an Interactive Video Editor with advanced functionalities and a handy sidebar menu that allows you to add elements to your videos, such as transcripts.

The transcript feature automatically converts the audio from your video into written text, which should be proofread initially to enhance its syntax and grammar.

You can navigate to Settings  Video  Transcription Services to check more information about your transcription settings. Our transcription services are available only for videos hosted in the LearnWorlds video library.

Remaining transcription time: The available transcription time till your subscription is renewed.

Now processing transcripts: The duration of the videos that are being transcribed right now.

Total transcription time: The transcription time available when your subscription was renewed.

Get extra transcription time: In case you need extra transcription time, you can contact us by submitting a ticket

Active transcription packages: The total available transcription time is calculated. The table presents the transcription package included in your subscription plan and the extra credits loaded by the support team.

You can configure the transcription settings in the Video Player setup.

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