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How to Take Care of VAT sales in LearnWorlds with Quaderno

Struggling to calculate your taxes? Well, not anymore. LearnWorlds supports an integration with Quaderno, which can make the whole taxation process a piece of cake.

Quaderno is a sales tax calculating tool that sends automatic tax receipts and creates sales tax return-ready reports in a matter of seconds. As an invoice application, it makes the taxation process and EU VAT compliance rules simpler and easy to understand. 

What can Quaderno do for you?

Once you start using Quaderno, every time a student based in the EU subscribes to your course, Quaderno automatically generates an invoice for your records with the correct tax rate based on the location of you and your customer (EU VAT taxes are notoriously complex to calculate).

Upon checkout, LearnWorlds requests extra location information from the users. This information is passed to Quaderno to determine in which country a customer is located and apply the correct percentage rate on the VAT tax.

Apart from helping you calculate your taxes, Quaderno can do the following:

  • Automatically verify the VAT numbers you receive from customers.
  • Collect and store the customer location evidence that you need to get from every sale (and store for up to 10 years).
  • Create and send invoices in multiple languages and currencies
  • Send VAT invoices automatically
  • Help you ensure you don’t overpay on your VAT returns
  • Notify you of tax policies or tax rate changes to keep you up to date.

How does it work?

In this setup, Quaderno is connected to Stripe and receives the payments made via Stripe. All these payments include the users' location (postcode and country) information that Quaderno uses to calculate the correct tax and produce an invoice.

Please keep in mind that the prices presented on the Learnworlds school are “final” meaning the tax is included in the presented prices. When the customer purchases a product, Quaderno will produce a detailed invoice with a neat breakdown of the price and taxes, based on their country of residence. 

Quaderno and LearnWorlds

Quaderno supports automated VAT compliance for LearnWorlds. In order to integrate your LearnWorlds school with Quaderno, effectively all you need to do is to integrate your Stripe account with Quaderno. 

Connecting Quaderno with Stripe requires that you give your permission to track taxes for the payments you receive.

Connect Quaderno with Stripe

In order to connect your LearnWorlds school with Quaderno, you need to connect your Stripe account with Quaderno. After that, follow these instructions: 

1. Log in to your Quaderno account and go to Integrations → Stripe.

2. Give permission to Quaderno to connect to your Stripe account.

3. Click on the Connect my Stripe account button and from now on Quaderno will automatically send your customer the corresponding receipt for a payment you get or a refund you send.   

4. Enable Additional Billing Info in your Stripe settings in your school, since this is where the users will add their address and postcode used by Quaderno.


  • Once you’ve made the connection, make sure to send us a ticket at so that we can disable the built-in invoices generated by LearnWorlds. You won’t be needing those since Quaderno will be sending valid EU VAT invoices for you now. 
  • For GST compliance, you need to contact Quaderno's Support Team and make sure that their service meets your specific needs. 

Quaderno Checkout Links

In case you want to add taxes on top of your course price depending on your customer’s location, you can implement a different method of Integrating with Quaderno, by using Quaderno checkout links on LearnWorlds.

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